Inspiring meeting on Blended Learning Pilot

In early February the PICTO team is briefed and inspired by the "Blended Learning pilot project Heart & Lung" by Carlijn Bouten, faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

PICTO projects are regularly discussed and reviewed by the PICTO Program team. During these reviews the project leader and a teacher update the team on their project progress and interim results. In the presence of Lex Lemmens, Dean of the College Bachelor and Fred Gaasendam, Demand Manager ICT in Education, the team gets involved in ​​the work of the project leaders and teachers using ICT in their lectures.

In early February the PICTO team reviewed the project “Blended Learning pilot project Hear & Lung” of Carlijn Bouten, Department of Biomedical Engineering, where she deploys many different ways to guide and engage students in her course. The course is given in cooperation with the University of Utrecht, from which Harold van Rijen is participating in the project.

Students in this course learn about the structure and function of blood vessels, the heart and lungs, diseases and disturbances that may occur therein and possible technological approaches and solutions to them. A true mix of teaching methods is used: lectures, tutorials, demonstrations and practical sessions, peer teaching, clickers and midterms, a study and a multimedia-equipped electronic learning environment .

After Carlijn updated us on the design of the course we’ve had a lively discussion on the creation and design of blended learning. We talked about the need for good scripts when recording a weblecture, about (IT)technology that works (but not necessarily), copyrights of videos, how much time must be invested, which does then contribute to student enthusiasm and commitment.

The PICTO team meeting was successful: it underlines once again how the right use of ICT in education requires preparation and dedication. And it shows how for some teachers this is not the future, but happening today!