A succesful TU/e-Educationday

Tuesday the 18th of March, the day had finally arrived: the very first TU/e-wide Educationday.

Tuesday the 18th of March, the day had finally arrived: the very first TU/e-wide Educationday.

The organisation was very pleased with the unexpectedly great turnout. The filmroom that was booked for the occasion was packed with interested lecturers. The opening was done by Rector Hans van Duijn  and after that the Dean of the Bachelor College, Lex Lemmens, took the stage. In his speech he talked about the innovations that have been going on concerning education. He talked about the bridge that needs to be built to connect ICT en Education in a constructive manner.

The larger part of the afternoon consisted of workshops, in which lecturers could share their experiences with their colleagues. In these workshops, a diversity of examples of applying ICT in education were shared with the audience. Among those were peerreview with Peach, marking with help of the Rubrics-app, Weblectures, Skeleton Concept Mapping and more! The workshops were packed and inspired other lecturers to think about the application of ICT-tools within their own education. The Dean of the Graduate School, Jan Fransoo, did the closing. The enthusiasm of the audience during the round up, made the organization think of doing more of these Educationdays in the future. To sum it up: a successful day by and for lecturers!

The presentations of the lectures can be accessed through the following links:

Workshops round 1

1.       How to build a web lecture
Marko Boon, Pieter Cuijpers and Maurice Megens

2.       Clickers as didactic and assessment instruments
Andre Duif

3.       Digital physics experiments
Henk Schellen

4.       Student activation via Skeleton Concept Mapping
Frank Delbressine and Ton Marée

5.       Wide-scale peer review – experiences from the core courses Design and Modeling
Kees van Overveld and Bauke de Vries


Workshops round 2

1.       Mediacasts, an interaction tool
Hans Sterk and Hans Cuypers

2.       The Rubrics app: the art of simply giving feedback and assessing objectively
Joris Remmers and Sonia Gomez Puente

3.       You R so you are: challenging new developments in engineering statistics education!
Koo Rijpkema

4.       MOOCs, what opportunities do they generate?
Bert Blocken and Hanneke Duisterwinkel

5.       Shoulder to shoulder tests: shorter tests, more often, in cramped lecture rooms
Rob Broekmeulen and Bianca van der Aalst