Have you seen our third placemat yet?

Our third placemat is all about web lectures! Watch the video on the right (in Dutch only) or read more via the following links for complementary information.  

Web lectures for the Basic Design Course
Bauke de Vries (B) and Caroline Hummels (ID) co-teach the Basic Design Course, which consists of a theoretical component and a design project. As part of the theoretical component students carry out assignments to test their knowledge. Web lectures are very useful in this regard.

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Professional studio
Fifth-year ID student Jan Zekveld works as a mixer technician in the recording studio for web lectures in the MetaForum building.

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Eight tips for the perfect web lecture

  1. Keep the length to a maximum of 10-15 minutes
  2. Deal with one aspect per recording
  3. Develop new skills
  4. Be enthusiastic (almost excessivly so!)
  5. Animate the slides
  6. Start with a teaser
  7. Give the lecture a clear structure
  8. Check out examples by others and then go for it

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Making Weblectures