ICT in education (ICTO) is a major theme at TU/e. In this context the Executive Board has launched a number of different coherent initiatives.

Information Management
CIO (Tom Abel) is organizing information management across the entire breadth of TU/e and is currently working on the I-strategy of TU/e and corresponding information architecture.

TICTO and the digital university
As project leader, Arjeh Cohen is supervising a Taskforce ICT in education (TICTO) that is developing a widely supported vision of the educational aspects of ICT.

Incentive funds
The Education Management Team (OMT) has launched PICTO and the Innovation Fund with the aim of developing ICT resources:

  • The ICT in education program (PICTO) has been set the task of supporting the most promising initiatives for ICT in education and to endure that best practices are shared as much as possible. PICTO is a cooperation among different services working in this area: STU/EduSupport, DPO/TEACH, ESoE, Bachelor College, ICT Services and CEC.
  • The Innovation Fund encourages new and innovating initiatives in the area of education and is mainly intended for the early adapters.

Advanced Academic Teaching (AAT)
Within the AAT program lecturers are invited to give their own professionalization an extra boost in terms of education and educational innovation.