What is EVO?
EVO is a digital learning environment that students can access for:

  • A guide to study whereby lecturers indicate the focus of that week's study.
  • E-homework assignments. This is homework to be submitted in writing and to which the lecturer provides (digital) feedback. The student is given a grade.
  • Online exercises and tests. The lecturer gives direct feedback (using computer algebra software).
  • A forum for general news on the subject. •
  • A forum for contacting the tutor and asking questions.
  • Links to video lectures, web lectures and external links, like videos and web lectures of MIT and TU/e lectures.

How does it work?
The underlying method of EVO is based on Moodle open source software for which the Applied Mathematics department has developed software for electronic exercises that can be automatically checked and given feedback.

Teach offers training in EVO. This lasts an afternoon and focuses on both the technical (how it works) and didactic (how the tutor handles a group of students) aspects. Dates will be made known via this site.

On oncourse.tue.nl.

You can check out EVO on www.oncourse.tue.nl. For questions, contact Hans Cuypers, e-mail: f.g.m.t.cuypers@tue.nl.

Get started!
To get started with EVO, contact Hans Cuypers, e-mail: f.g.m.t.cuypers@tue.nl .

More information on the project ' EVO' you will find here.


Please note

TU/e is working on new information structure. It is not yet evident which tools will be supported at TU/e in the future. To date Peach is available in any case. An alternative might follow. We will keep you informed of developments.