Microsoft Lync

What is Microsoft Lync?
Microsoft Lync 2010 is an integrated communication tool for chat messages, conferences and speech. Lync enables you to reach people inside and outside your organization, you can work online with others by having online conferences, you can share your desktop and other applications as well as record conversations and conferences to review at a later moment.

How does it work?

When enrolling at TU/e students constantly use the laptop scheme whose laptops have Microsoft Lync software and a webcam. Students can only call within TU/e. With lecturers too. Lync has already been installed at more than 2000 workplaces.

Working online together through Lync does not require all participants to have Lync installed. Conferencing is also possible via web-based Microsoft Lync version 8. Using this software and a webcam it is relatively easy to connect with other users independent of place and time and so work together.

While there is no structural training in place, in principle, a lot of information on applications can be found via the Microsoft website. Petra van Ommen of the Electrical Engineering department has set up training for the project leaders [link Powerpoint presenatie] so you could get information from here.

Interesting links
The Lync product website

Get started!
Try it out. There is a lot of knowledge available both inside and outside TU/e. And, of course, you can always contact Daphne van Dongen, project leader of the Innovation Fund project Online collaboration on projects, via Technical support for the departments is organized via the departmental service desks. Services can contact the ICT Servicedesk (2000).