What is Peach?
Peach is a web-based system for placing assignments, collecting, saving and automatically or manually evaluating submitted assignments and administering the results. This means that students can still access their work in a structured way even after a couple of years and that no versions are lost. Peach also offers the option of peer reviewing.

In Peach there is no interaction as in EVO where assignments can be submitted and on which students can work interactively within the system. Peach is, by contrast, more a 'batch' system where the processing and reporting on the work submitted is done retrospectively. This means:

  • Placing assignments, organized by subjects with registered participants (subjects and participants generally taken over from Oase).
  • Collecting work for assignments via a web interface.
  • Imposing/monitoring submission deadlines. Saving and keeping all versions of submitted work.
  • Regulating access to submitted work, via the web.
  • Automatic processing of submitted work according to a script and generating feedback from this.
  • Offering options for manual feedback on the work in the form of text and figures (whatever the scale).
  • Supporting double-blind peer reviews, whereby reviewers submit results in the form of text, figures or a "ranking".
  • Generating lists and zip-archives with all the work.
  • Offering an API (software interface), such that external software can also access the data. Supporting internationalization (multilingual user interface).

How does it work?
Peach is a web-based system, developed by the department of Applied Computer Science and available as open-source software.

No systematic training has yet been planned, although individual explanations are possible by contacting Jolanda Vogelsangs. Mail: j.vogelsangs@tue.nl  or telefphone: 040 247 2795.

Online documentation is still available for the old interface on: peach3.nl/doc/index.html. (applicable only for the lecturer interface). We are currently working on a new interface for lecturers as well as related documentation to be ready in December 2013.

You can try Peach on our demo-server: http://ext.peach3.nl . You can also try out creating a "test subject" here. You can also be added as 'observer' to a colleague's subject.

Interesting links
More information you can find on peach.win.tue.nl

Get started!
If you want to use Peach for a subject, contact Erik Scheffers (e.t.j.scheffers@tue.nl ), mentioning the relevant subject code and the period in which the subject runs.

Please note

TU/e is working on new information structure. It is not yet evident which tools will be supported at TU/e in the future. To date Peach is available in any case. An alternative might follow. We will keep you informed of developments.