What is a web lecture?
A web lecture is a 10-minute recording by a lecturer in which a specific topic is handled in a structured way, whether an assignment or theory. Students can watch the web lecture via a web browser. How does it work?Student scan use the web lecture for self-study, before or after a lecture. The web lecture can also be used to replace part of the normal lecture whereby students can watch the web lecture prior to the normal lecture in which more emphasis can then be placed on discussion. Finally, a web lecture can be used as a promotional film for a specific elective subject.

Edusupport offers in aspects such as:

  • Presenting in front of a camera.
  • Creating a good structure for the storyline.
  • Promoting the web lecture so that students actually use it and know how it can best be used within their studies.
  • Embedding web lectures within the study's or department's education.

The training comprises two days:

Day 1. Technique
Day 2. Practice and feedback

At this moment some 40 lecturers have been trained in recording web lectures. Edusupport is planning a new series of training for the Fall of 2013. Once the dates are known, you will be able to see them on the calendar of this website.

Recording studio
A special recording studio has been built in Metaforum. Once you have had the web lecture training, you can reserve this studio where you will be supervised by two technically trained student assistants who can help you with the technical aspects and handling the cameras.

Get started!
After you have had training, you can access the recording studio and make your own web lectures.

Making Weblectures